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About Us

SPEED IT company was established in 2003, almost 20 years experience and specializes in ELV/MATV/CATV/WIFI/RF/ICT/

Security/Networking/Integration System & More..

In addition, we provide SMATV System (Satellite Master Antenna Television) Headend System in Malaysia & Southeast Asia.

With integrated communication technologies & all professional solutions

from Speed It Communication :

* Supplying with SMATV / MATV System
* Supplying with SCATV / CATV System
* Supplying with Network Surge Protector / RF Lightning Arrester
* Supplying with Digital SMATV System
* Supplying with Wireless Road Cameras System
* Supplying with Wireless Emergency SOS Telephone System
* Supplying with WIFI Infrastructure Hotspot Management System
* Supplying with PA Sound System
* Supplying with Integration Server
* Supplying with Consultant Services
* Supplying with RF Cables & Connectors
* Supplying with Wireless Antennas
* Supplying ICT System & Services
* Supplying ELV System & Services
* Supplying 5G Smart City
* Responsibility to customers
* Customization products to meet customer requirements
* Manufacturer & assembly production lines
* Partnership with any potential Malaysia & Southeast Asia's customers


Superior Sales Support
All of our sales consultants and service specialists go through extensive training to ensure that solutions are customized

 to your communication needs, work environment and security concerns.

Industry / Enterprise / Company Partners
Speed It Communication works directly with trusted industry leaders & other company.

Speed It Communication maintains certified partner positions by meeting each vendor's requirements as a

Value-added Reseller (VAR). When you do business with a certified VAR, you can be sure that your investments are secure.

Our certified partnerships include in areas of:

* West Malaysia * East Malaysia *Southeast Asia

We mix and match new technologies to create the most efficient, secure and profitable solutions for

businesses and organizations across the country.


Projects / Success Stories :


SPEED IT : Always Be Your Partnership And Consultant.

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