ET - Emergency Telephone Highway (Lebuhraya) Emergency SOS Telephone System Contractor and Supplier

We are contractor and supplier for Malaysia Highway Emergency SOS Telephone System.

ET - Emergency Telephone : Highway (Lebuhraya) Emergency SOS Telephone System

GSM Sim Card + Solar Panel + Solar Pole + Rechargeable Backup Battery + Vandal Proof + Software Solutions

SPEED IT COMMUNICATION - SP GSM Emergency SOS Call With CMS is the latest intelligent receive a simple emergency call system through GSM network, which is specially developed for the Highway/Lebuhraya/Expressway, SOS, Emergency Help & etc... It can be widely used in many situations, such as for the gsm network reporting & emergency calling.

SP GSM Emergency Call With CMS can identify the GSM information exactly, and inform the report to the Control Room through the SOS Phone with intelligent voice.

The SP SOS Phone Terminal 100% support for GSM900MHz + PCN1800MHz, the Control Room Or Management Center can orient the Terminal device. At the same time, our SP Client & Master Terminal products adopt two-way talking function, which help you to communicate with the distress call in time.