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Malaysia RJ45 Surge Protector and RF Lighnting Arrester

 Products : Malaysia RJ45 Surge Protector / RF Lighnting Arrester


Malaysia Multi RF GHz Lightning Arrester / Surge Protector

Malaysia RF Lightning Arrester / Surge Protector Customization:

* Frequency Range: 0-6GHz - Support Any RF Frequency
* Part No.: SI-LA-0-6GHz Customization

Main features:

1. High current capacity, low residual voltage;
2. Wide frequency bandwidth small standing wave ratio low insertion loss;
3. Various conductor available strong adaptation ability;
4. Standard interface convenient for installation and replacement;
5. Anti riot design safe and reliable.

Main technical data:



Multi RF GHz Surge Protector


Part No.


SI-LA-0-6GHz Customization


Frequency Range


0-6 GHz


Ground Connection


Insulation Resistance




D.C Discharge Voltage

DC 230V ? 20%


≤ 1.4 : 1


50 Ω

Insertion loss

0.1dB / 1GHZ, 0.2dB / 2GHz, 0.4dB / 3GHz, 0.5dB / 5GHz, 0.6dB / 6GHz

Rated Impulse Wave Discharge

10KA 8/20 μ SEC 5 TIMES

Max. Handling Power (25C)

250W/300MHz, 160W/500MHz, 100W/900MHz, 75W/1.2GHz, 52W/1.9GHz, 42W/2.4GHz, 36W/3GHz, 10W/6GH

Working Temperature

- 30C ~ + 85C

Installation instruction: 0-6GHz RF Lightning Arrester Customization

1. The protector connected in serial between the signal channel and the protected device in order to avoid lightning the antenna feeder lightning protection device should be connected in series at the output terminal of antenna and input terminal of protected device respectively;

2. Connect the earthing wire of the protector to the equalizing ring of the lightning protection system the earthing wire length should be less than 0 5m;

3. Free special maintenance when fault occurs in the system dismantles the protector and then if the system resumes normal it is that the protector was broken and need to be replaced.

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SP-RJ45-8P1G-POE Network Signal  RJ45 POE Surge  Protector is designed according to the IEC standard. It is suitable for lightning protection of network equipments such as network exchange board, network devices, AP, floor exchange board, etc..  Network signal RJ45 POE Surge Protector can be installed and maintained easily. The maximum discharging currents Imax(8/20us) can be 10kA/line.

SP-RJ45-8P1G-POE ? Latest Multi-Connection signal surge arrester used for protecting Ethernet Lan 10Mbps / 100Mbps / 1000Mbps Cat5E/Cat6 Cable / Gigabit / POE from damage for inductive thunderbolt electric wave , surge and static interference. 8 Pins to protect 1,2,3,6 (fine protection) + 4,5,7,8 (Total 8 pins to protect 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

Application Scope

a. Lightning protection for all the network devices

b. Lightning protection for all the Access Point, Wireless & Switches devices

c. Lightning protection for the floor exchange board

d. Lightning protection for other network equipment with RJ45 connector

e. Lightning protection for the network exchange board RJ45 connector in the Computer / Server room.

f. Support POE (Power Over Ethernet)

g. Support 1000Mbps / 100Mbps



a. Maximum discharging currents is 10kA

b. High transmission rate, low insert loss

c. Input and output with RJ45 crystal terminal

d. Over voltage surge protection for the RJ45 connector

e. Multi-classes grounding discharging circuit, lower limiting voltage


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