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We always updated to latest Wifi standards & frequency.


SPEED IT Wi-Fi Consulting Services - All Customization & Vendor's Equipment, All Radio Bands

Wi-Fi consulting services and wireless network design services

Wi-Fi design services for specialty Wi-Fi wireless networking solutions and all customization equipments + Access Point system design.

Certified Wireless LAN Support Specialist (CWSP) and Advanced Wireless LAN Design Specialists (CWDS) are focused on consulting and support for the related product mix. SPEED IT expands on these capabilities with a broad, deep understanding of RF signal propagation and the multi-vendor environment.


WLAN, Wireless VoIP, CDMA, Point-to-Point, WiMAX, and legacy wired 802.3 Ethernet

Wireless network consulting for selection and system design for wireless VoIP telephones and wireless voice

Wi-Fi certified - Voice-over-IP system consultants - Call SPEED IT for design and post-installation verification of your VoIP telecom system!


On-Site and remote expertise in key design, implementation, capacity planning, and troubleshooting areas

Wireless data bandwidth capacity and throughput analysis for wireless voice, streaming video, and data

In addition to having experience, expertise and vendor certification for our direct resale product line, SPEED IT is expert in diagnostics, troubleshooting, RF system design, and RF analysis for the certified access point line and general 802.11b/g, 802.11a/n/ac, and wireless LAN switch system design and consulting.


Secure wireless networking and security audit support

Secure Wi-Fi, intrusion detection, rogue access point blocking, network forensics

Wireless network security is achievable by today's 802.11 commercial-grade WLAN equipment. WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, AES - "You can have as much Wi-Fi security as you want!"

SPEED IT can help you design and implement a secure Wi-Fi wireless LAN and meet applicable regulatory compliance rules.


Connect802 provides vendor-neutral wireless network consulting services for deploying and supporting wireless networking solutions. We can contract with your company to provide independent consulting with an RF engineering expert.


At Connect802 we aren't just another Wi-Fi wireless networking startup company. We've been in business since 2001 providing network support and technology education across the United States and in Europe. We can help you with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inventory tagging systems design, Wireless Medical Telemetry (WMTS) design, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint outdoor RF systems including WiMAX (802.16), and CDMA EV-DO, 2.5G and 3G/3.5G/4G/5G cellular systems. We're happy to discuss your wireless network challenge and we'll tell you what we know about your engineering issues. Got questions? ...just give us a call to talk to one of our engineers for a no-cost, no-obligation conversation about meeting your communication system goals.

Service Description
Security A comprehensive evaluation of your security posture. Understanding your current security state is an integral step to securing your sensitive data and meeting regulatory requirements.
Consulting Services High level technical engineering engagement used to assess client/prospect business requirements, identify short and long-term business strategies and develop and present a comprehensive solutions road map to meet and/or exceed client/prospect expectations.
Network Assessment A 'troubleshooting' approach for determining the optimum functioning and operation of the network infrastructure. Outcome of the assessment will be to make recommendations as to a course of action for returning the network to optimum performance and/or effect necessary troubleshooting procedures to achieve the same level of performance.
Project Management Assignment of a senior engineer w/PM experience on virtually every project to ensure all deliverable tasks are performed on-time and on-budget. The PM will become the primary partner and end-user liaison providing all pertinent and necessary communication as to project progress.
Network Design Engineer(s) will design a complete and optimized LAN/WLAN and cable plant infrastructure.
Radio Frequency (RF) Design RF engineer(s) provide an on-site survey, analysis and design (including RF propagation and channel interference) for the proposed wireless network infrastructure.
Network Deployment Technicians deploy associated components designed by our engineering staff.
Network Configuration Senior engineer(s) configure the associated WLAN controllers.
Network Certification Upon completion of the design, deployment and configuration process, an engineer will perform a network certification process to ensure network performance optimization. Any disparities from the design specification document will automatically be resolved through further design and/or deployment corrections.
WLAN Training On-site training session for organizational management and sales staff on industry/market trends, current and future technology platforms, and identification of wireless candidates. Assistance with sales drivers that qualify and close opportunities. On-site training session for end-users and business partners on WLAN technology and products.
Product Evaluation and Recommendation Performance analysis, standards-based assessments, and competitive analysis on 802.11 WLAN equipment. This type of testing may also include short- and long-term product beta testing, product roadmap development, and strategic partnership recommendations and coordination.
Sales Support The sales support function is intended to be used as an SME extension to assist in the business opportunity assessment and qualification for any partner's targeted strategic customer or prospect.
Documentation A comprehensive network infrastructure design and deployment report will be constructed to include: RF propagation, channelization, power settings, interference sources, etc.

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